Sim2 adds C3X LUMIS HOST projector to Grand Cinema series


It claims a contrast ratio of more than 35,000:1, a 3000 ANSI lumens brightness and an overall improvement to colour depth for that three-dimensional appearance.

At the heart of the new unit are three key components: a dynamic iris, DynamicBlack technology and a dimmable lamp. This forms Sim2's own 'light intensity control system'.

The Sim2 C3X LUMIS HOST uses three DarkChip4 1080p DLP chipsets from Texas Instruments alongside the company's own ALPHAPATH light engine, making for a full HD resolution projector.

The main projector unit connects to an outboard electronics module via a three-line, optical digital High-Definition Optical Signal Transfer system – that'll be the HOST bit, then. The two components can be anything up to 750 feet apart.

So all your connections are made to the separate unit, the HOST module incorporating six HDMI input, three component video inputs alongside other connections.

It's seemingly a legal requirement to mention the style of Sim2 projectors, so suffice to say the picture certainly looks rather smart – it's available in high gloss black or silver.

The Sim2 C3X LUMIS HOST will set you back £27,000 and is available to buy now.

It seems to be as good as obligatory to mention the fact