Sennheiser to elevate earbuds listening with its new Custom Comfort Tips

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Sennheiser Consumer and German hearing aid manufacturer GEERS is commencing a Custom Comfort Tips pilot project in which it will offer customers in Germany an opportunity to have personalised ear tips made for the headphone company’s wired IE Series earbuds.

The pilot has been created to offer users of the Sennheiser IE 200, IE 300, IE 600 or IE 900 earphones customised ear tips that will sit perfectly in their ear canal – something that the company says significantly influences the sound perceived by the wearer. The technology behind it uses a scanner or silicone mass to measure each ear and produce left and right tips that are “exceptionally comfortable” and, most importantly, optimum sound reproduction for the user.

If you are a journalist or a creator attending High End Munich later this month, you can also take part in the initiative by having your ears scanned at the Sennheiser booth on the Thursday or Friday of the show.

Customised fits have been an area of focus in the headphones market of late, with many companion apps of wireless models delivering optimum fit tests. And of course, custom-moulded tips from specialist companies have been on the market for years.

But while this is a pilot programme with limited reach for now, its success could potentially see Sennheiser offering customised tips as part of (or an add-on for) future IE orders. And if it did, that would undoubtedly enhance their appeal for many. We recently found the most affordable model, the IE 200, very likeable earbuds for the money, as we had previously the range-topping IE 900


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