Sennheiser Ambeo promises immersive in-car hi-fi systems for new Cupra Formentor and Leon (2024)

Cupra Formentor Speaker grille with Sennheiser branding
(Image credit: Cupra)

You might associate Sennheiser more with headphones than in-car audio, but the brand is starting to make its presence felt on four wheels. Its latest venture is with Spanish car brand Cupra (which is owned by VAG, the Volkswagen Group).

Cupra has just announced a 2024 refresh for its Formentor and Leon models and for the first time, you will be able to specify your car with an optional Sennheiser Mobility sound system.

Think of Sennheiser Mobility as the company’s automotive audio arm. Which, in its own words, “creates immersive audio solutions for the best possible in-car entertainment and communication experience.”

The 425-watt 12-speaker system is available for both car models and uses Sennheiser’s Ambeo Concerto software to process the sound and provide a more immersive listening experience.

It does this by taking a stereo signal and using its algorithm to take the different elements of the music and redistribute them to create a more three-dimensional sound.

Cupra Formentor interior

(Image credit: Cupra)

For 2024, both Formentor and Leon also get an overhauled infotainment set-up, including a new 12.9in display and operating system. The main display also features an illuminated volume and climate slider, while the system supports both wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

Wireless fast-charging (15W) for your smartphone is there too, including “refrigerated technology” which we presume is designed to keep your smartphone cool while charging.

This isn’t the first time Sennheiser has dipped its toe in car audio. Back at CES 2020 the company announced it was partnering with Continental to build a speakerless car audio system, and we had our first real hands-on experience at the end of 2020 when we listened to an Ambeo Mobility demo car.

Cupra Formentor interior

(Image credit: Cupra)

Since then, Sennheiser has designed a lightweight audio set-up for the Morgan Plus 4 and also features in the Morgan Plus 6. Sennheiser Mobility is also part of the offering for Cupra’s upcoming Tavascan all-electric SUV.

For those unfamiliar with the automotive brand, Cupra was previously a performance offshoot of Seat. It was only as recently as February 2018 that Cupra became its own separate sports brand.


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