Save up to 23% on Sonos speakers and soundbars in rare Sonos sale

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Sonos offers up a suite of class-leading multi-room speakers and soundbars, and right now, a fair few of them are heavily discounted at Sonos. We at What Hi-Fi? have fallen in love with a number of Sonos products, giving the Arc, Sonos' multi-room system, the Beam, and the One five stars in our reviews.

Currently, the Roam and Move portable speakers, plus refurbished versions of the Arc, Beam, and One are all on sale with up to 23 per cent off their RRP. So if you're in need of a new speaker or soundbar, this rare Sonos sale has you covered...

The best Sonos deals live right now

Sonos Roam $179 $143.20 at Sonos (save $25)

Sonos Roam $179 $143.20 at Sonos (save $25)
In many ways, this is the portable Sonos speaker many wanted. It's battery-powered and has all the usual Sonos streaming smarts, plus Bluetooth of course. There are better-sounding Bluetooth speakers out there for the same money, but this is uniquely Sonos through and through.

Sonos Move£399$319.20 at Amazon (save $79.80)

Sonos Move £399 $319.20 at Amazon (save $79.80)
Even the smallest of Sonos discounts aren't a common sight, so a saving as big as this shouldn't be taken for granted. And the Move is quite a speaker, with wi-fi, Bluetooth, great sound and awesome versatility. It earned four out of five in our review.

Sonos Arc: $900 $720 at Sonos (save $180)Refurbished by Sonos

Sonos Arc: $900 $720 at Sonos (save $180)
Sonos' famous Dolby Atmos soundbar has definitely earned its reputation, offering up an excellent spatial experience; dynamic, detailed sound; and all the usual, excellent Sonos smart functionality. Refurbished by Sonos

Sonos Beam: $450 $320 at Sonos (save $130)Refurbished by Sonos

Sonos Beam: $450 $320 at Sonos (save $130)
The Arc's smaller, cheaper cousin, the Beam, is another excellent speaker from Sonos, offering up an impressively spacious sound; powerful, deep bass; and awesome streaming capabilities. Refurbished by Sonos

Sonos One: $280 $180 at Sonos (save $100)Refurbished by Sonos

Sonos One: $280 $180 at Sonos (save $100)
The Sonos One was Sonos' first-ever smart speaker, and it continues to offer up excellent virtual assistant integration alongside a punchy, dynamic sound with a surprisingly wide soundstage. Refurbished by Sonos

If you need a speaker at home but don't want to break the bank, Sonos has a deal for you. Want a premium soundbar without a premium price? Check out the Sonos Arc on sale for $180 off. Need a soundbar for the quest room? Check out the Sonos Beam on sale for just $320. Want an excellent smart speaker? Sonos' classic One is only $180 refurbished during this sale. Prefer it if that speaker was portable so you could take it out and about? Both the Move and Roam are 20 per cent off.

Worried about buying refurbished? Sometimes, buying refurbished can be a roll of the dice, because you don't know what's included, if there's a warranty, or if the company you're buying from has a reputation for vetting their second-hand goods all that well. The good news is that Sonos packs in all the expected accessories and manuals and the same familiar warranty alongside offering up a sterling reputation for delivering faultless refurbished goods.

What's more is that each of these Sonos speakers sound great for the price. The Arc provides an awesome spatial audio experience with a vibrant, detailed sound; the Beam impresses with its soundstage and dynamics; and the One brings all the familiar smart speaker features alongside excellent audio performance for its size. Plus, of course, each one also comes with Sonos' trademark sleek, minimalist design and quality construction.

If you're in the market for a soundbar, smart speaker, or, really, anything else that Sonos offers, this refurbished sale is a great place to start, bringing solid deals to the table on refurbished goods that will perform like new. We at What Hi-Fi? are big fans of Sonos, and we doubt you'll find much to complain about with these deals, either.


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