Samsung's new QD-OLED TV has leaked early at CES 2022

Samsung QD-OLED
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Overnight, Samsung announced a whole load of new TVs for 2022, but while Micro LEDs, Neo QLEDs and even lifestyle TVs were included, conspicuous by their absence were the company's long-rumoured QD-OLED models.

In all likelihood, Samsung is simply waiting for its actual CES press conference (which is taking place at 6:30pm today in Vegas, which is 2:30am tomorrow for the UK) to announce its QD-OLEDs so that they've got more space to shine, but we don't actually have to wait until then for the news, because the 65-inch model has just been outed by the CES organisation itself.

Every year, an absolute truck-load of so-called 'CES Innovation Awards' are handed out, and one of these has been given to the 'Samsung 65" QD-Display TV'. Unfortunately, the image on the award page is currently broken, so we don't yet know what this brand new TV looks like, but there is some good info to be gleaned.

For starters, and as expected, Samsung is using the term 'QD-Display' to describe its QD-OLEDs, seemingly in an attempt to avoid having to explain why it's suddenly started using OLED technology, which it's been waging a bitter war against over the last few years.

The page also confirms that the QD-Display TV has a refresh rate of 144Hz, boasts four HDMI 2.1 sockets and is powered by Samsung's 2022 Neo Quantum processor. It also uses the company's Object Tracking Sound technology (though the version isn't mentioned) and has an 'Infinity One Design', whatever that is.

And if you're sat there wondering what all the fuss over QD-OLED is about, we've got a whole QD-OLED explainer that's well worth a read. In short, though, it combines the self-emissive properties of OLED TVs with the vibrancy and brightness of Quantum Dots for a potential best of both worlds TV technology.

Samsung's QD-Display TV likely won't be the only QD-OLED TV announced at CES 2022, as Sony is rumoured to have its own models on the way. It will be fascinating to see how this new TV technology stacks up against LG's 2022 OLEDs, which have just been announced and do not feature Quantum Dots.


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