Russ Andrews launches 25th Anniversary PowerBlocks

New from accessories specialist Russ Andrews is a pair of Anniversary mains blocks, launched to celebrate the company's 25th year in business.

Based on the existing PowerBlock models, the new versions use Kimber Hyper-pure woven silver for four of their eight sockets, replacing the standard Hyper-pure copper still used for the remaining outlets.

The company suggests that the silver-wired sockets be used for the connection of "key components such as turntables, CD players and pre-amps", with founder Russ Andrews adding that 'The results of adding the Kimber Hyper-pure silver cable to our already hugely successful blocks has been nothing short of stunning.

"I noticed an immediate upgrade to the performance of my system, with increased transparency, clarity, dynamics, detail and focus to the sound.”

Both models use the company's DeoxIT-treated SuperSockets, high-impact casework and MegaClamp spike protection, while a 16A socket enables the buyer to use the blocks with their own choice of mains cable. A separate earth terminal is provided for better system grounding.

The Special Edition PowerBlock-H sells for £899, with a version fitted with the company's Ultra Purifier mains filtration at £1149. Options include the installation of Russ Andrews' ClarityMains enhancer, and deep cryogenic treatment, while owner of existing PowerBlocks can have their units rewired to Special Edition specification for £450.

Like all Russ Andrews products, the Special Edition PowerBlocks are available direct from the company's website, and come complete with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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