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RHA MA150 earphones aim for five-star performance for £15


Professional audio company RHA has unveiled the latest in their line up of earphones, the MA150 earphones.

The £15 MA150s now sit comfortably at the bottom end of the three-tier range, which includes the five-star MA350 and the MA450i headphones.

The MA150s make use of a trumpet bell design, which channels sound from the 10mm driver units into each ear.

RHA claims this means they’re capable of delivering a wide frequency range, including the bass and dynamic mid range, and clear treble.

The budget-friendly earphones are fitted with a 45-degree angled, gold plated, 3.5mm connector and come complete with three sets of buds for comfort and optimum fit. The 1.2m cable also comes supplied with an anti-tangle slider.

Lewis Heath, Head of R&D said of the earphones: “By stripping back some premium features we are able to offer unrivalled performance at a price that is extremely accessible – there is nothing else like this on the market." A bold claim.

RHA is a British headphones brand headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in the production of inexpensive headset and in-ear headphones.

The RHA MA150 in-ear headphones are available now via and Amazon for £14.95.

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