40 years after the release of the first Planar 2 in 1976, there's a new version on the way...

Taking a scroll to the bottom of Rega’s product timeline will bring you to the Planar 2 turntable and R200 tonearm, both released in 1976. An updated P2 turntable was then released in 2005 and now in 2016 we're getting a brand new Planar 2. 

The new model has been developed over the last couple of years alongside the recently released Planar 3, and will come fitted with the brand new RB220 tonearm. The RB220 features new ultra-low friction ball bearings, a stiffer bearing housing and an automatic bias setting, making it virtually plug ’n’ play. 

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Other new features include a 24v low noise motor, an acrylic-laminated plinth and a newly-designed central bearing. The platter has been upgraded too, with a new floating glass ‘Optiwhite’ design, as seen on the P3. There are also new feet to make the deck more stable. 

The new Rega Planar 2 will be available from May 2016 for £375.

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This or the Sony 500

This or the Sony 500 with DSD recordability for £450?

Decisions decisions. 

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Also, does this come with a

Also, does this come with a cover?

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Missing a Planar 2?

"Planar 2 turntable and R200 tonearm, both released in 1976. An updated P2 turntable was then released in 2005"

What about the Planar 2 from the 1990's?  The one that featured the original RB250 and decent glass platter before they introduced the cheapened P2 with it's dreadful medite platter (and some would say cheapened arm by that point).

So in effect we're getting something closer to what was a very fine deck 20 years ago but with the addition of that dubious 3 point mounting on the arm and a shiny platter... plus a sizable price hike. Does that pay for the rebadging of a cheap Audio Technica cartridge?

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I wonder if Linn will do a

I wonder if Linn will do a budget LP12, consisting of the original specification? No Valhalla? No Cirkus? No Niverna? No Lingo? No DC motor? etc

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Rega P2

There are some difference in this turntable to other ones being produced now.  It's nice that Rega is still engineering changes or introducing models.  I just hope the tonearm wiring and clips are also new and improved.

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Stop re-writing Rega's

Stop re-writing Rega's product history and getting it wrong.

Have any of you heard of researching before writing an article?

Rega did not go from 1976 until 2005 before updating the original Planar 2. That would mean i've owned at least one turntable that never existed! 

Can't someone check this stuff before it goes out? How can we believe the reviews when you don't know anything about the products?

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Rega timeline

Chebby, the information was taken from Rega's heritage timeline on its own website, but if the information is wrong we'll happily correct it.


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Rega Planar 2

As far as any of us can recall, they added the RB250 tonearm to the Planar 2 in 1984.