£75 unit provides the link between your LP collection and computer

Hello vinyl lovers. Still cherishing your old LPs? Or maybe you're so concerned about keeping them pristine that they're locked away in a cupboard.

Well, if you'd like to hear your favourite records more often, this natty little gadget from NAD could be just what you need.

The £75 PP-3 USB digital phono-preamplifier combines NAD's PP-2 MM/MC phono preamp with an analogue-to-digital converter with USB interface. Combined with VinylStudio Lite PC software (included on a CD as part of the package), you can easily copy your LPs directly to a PC as either.wav or MP3 files.

Once your analogue LPs have been digitised, the music can be burned on to a CD-R or transferred to an MP3 player.

OK, admittedly hi-fi purists may be tut-tutting already, but the PP-3 also includes the same analogue outputs as the PP-2 for connection to an analogue stereo system if that's your preferred method of listening.

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The PP-3 uses a low-noise discrete moving coil preamp and a low-noise opamp-based RIAA moving magnet stage incorporating a 12dB/octave infrasonic filter to minimise turntable 'rumble'.

Distributed in the UK by Armour Home Electronics, the PP-3 is available in NAD's traditional graphite finish.