Premier Mounts TWM-103
New wall-mount available to get the huge plasma TV off the floor

Yes, it looks like any other flatscreen TV mount. Except this one is massive: it measures 178x124cm, can handle up to 272kg, and is custom-designed to attach Panasonic's huge 103in plasma TV to any wall strong enough to take it.

Carrying a trade price of £2300, on top of which you have to pay nice Mr Darling's 15%, this is the TWM-103 from specialist mounts company Premier Mounts.

And not only does it hold the Panasonic TV, it can even tilt it by up to four degrees, should you really want to put the screen over the fireplace and angle it down for more comfortable viewing.

Now available, the TWM-102 has multiple anchor points to allow it to be attached to walls with different stud patterns, slotted mounting holes and lateral shift to allow the screen to be centred.

It can even be modified for side-by-side or stacked use, should you wish to run four or more of the monster Panasonics in a video wall!