Pioneer DEX-P99RS
New model brings DSP onboard for sound tuning, features direct USB input and offboard control module

Well, Pioneer said it was going to concentrate hard on in-car technology when it announced the end of the Kuro TV line, and here's the evidence: new from the company is a 'Competition-grade' in-car CD tuner, complete with onboard Digital Signal Processing and direct injection of USB-sourced music into the DSP section.

The DEX-P99RS uses four 24-bit converters to manage high, mid, low and subwoofer bands, while advances in chip and circuit design means the digital signal processing is now onboard, rather than in an external 'black box'

Drawing on the technology of its AV amps and receivers, the company now makes it possible for both frequency adjustment and time alignment to be carried out between channels and even individual speakers.

A new master clock is used, and a USB input allows music from iPods and memory devices, or the iPhone via an accessory cable, to be injected straight into the DSP system. Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever puts back detail lost in compression, and the system can also control iPods and iPhones.

The unit comes complete with a rotary remote control, echoing the design of the main controls, and mountable on the steering wheel.