Philips/Pace release software fix for HDT8520 Freeview HD PVR

Philips HDT8520

Owners have reported several bugs on our Forums, and this latest update is designed to fix the following problems:

Improvement in EPG usability

1.1. Channel change from EPG is now possible with ‘OK' key

1.2. Red key is used for Record, Green key for Day- and Yellow key for Day+

1.3. Toggle between evening and now with blue button in EPG

1.4. Faster scrolling in EPG with P+/P- which allows Page up/Page down

Improvement in PVR feedback

2.1. Pop up to confirm deletion of favourite lists

2.2. Pop-up to warn that HDD is full

2.3. Display of AD icon in zap banner when Audio Description is available

2.4. Pop-up to confirm deletion of records from the library

Improvement in recording/playback/Time Shift Buffer feedback

3.1. Scheduled recordings are arranged by date

3.2. In the Guide, channels on which recordings are ongoing are displayed in red

3.3. Front panel displays the name of the event in playback and Time Shift Buffer mode

3.4. All items in the scheduled recording menu which are on going are displayed in red

3.5. Pressing stop during playback of a recording brings up the current recordings window and asks you which ones to stop, rather than just stop playback – Help text has been modified to provide better feedback

3.6. Direct Fast rewind from live state is possible

3.7. In the Guide, when a program is scheduled for recording, its alternate programs are no longer shown in red

Improvement in PVR state management

Directly switching to Standby from Menu/EPG is now possible

However, this update will not enable the box to transcode Dolby Digital 5.1 on BBC HD broadcasts. A further fix will be issued in September to address that specific problem.

You can download the V4.22 software upgrade from the Philips website now.

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