Philips' new bone conduction wireless headphones are designed for sports

Philips A7607 bone conduction sports headphones
(Image credit: Philips)

Philips has announced a new pair of A7607 bone conduction wireless headphones dedicated for sports.

This new model follows on from the Philips A7507 (€179) true wireless sports headphones announced earlier this year. The A7607 is an open-ear design, which aims to give you the twin advantage of "excellent music performance" and being able to hear your surroundings. 

The use of a bone conduction microphone – a first for Philips' open-ear headphones –  helps to "virtually eliminate" wind and background noise when you're making calls on the go. 

The headphones are IP66 rated for dust and water resistance, and will last you nine hours of playback on a single charge. A 15-minute charge will give you an extra full hour, and you can charge the A7607 via the moisture-proof charging port.

A further boon for those running or cycling at night or during adverse weather is the addition of a red LED strip in the neckband, which makes the user more visible.

There are two other models joining the headphones line-up: a K4607 open-ear, bone-conduction headset designed for kids (€99), and the H8507 model for 'hybrid' users who use their headsets for work and entertainment (€199).

All models including the A7607 sports headphones can be controlled using the Philips Sound app. The A7607 costs €199 – UK, US and AUS prices are yet to be confirmed.


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