Peachtree Audio unveils novaPre and Peachtree220 preamp/power amp combo

Peachtree Audio has just launched the novaPre preamplifier and the Peachtree220 power amplifier.

The novaPre combines an upsampling DAC with the traditional qualities of a valve buffer preamp, along with a high-quality headphone amp, all in a unit designed to to deliver high-resolution audio reproduction.

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A wide range of digital sources is supported: MP3; 24/192 files stored on your computer; Apple TV; Sonos; music servers and internet radio along with many others.

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The novaPre utilises an ESS Sabre DAC which many believe to be the "world's best DAC when dealing with hostile digital components like computers and streamers".

A 24/192 Asynchronous USB input is provided to ensure the best possible processing and galvanic isolation eliminates electrical noise.

The valve buffer uses a stereo triode 6N1P to smooth out the audio in low-quality recordings and compressed audio and can be turned on or off via the remote control.

The headphone amp is capable of switching off the speakers when headphones are inserted, allowing the user to benefit from improvements the novaPre brings to a music collection.

The Peachtree220 power amplifier, meanwhile, can supply 220W per channel into 8ohms and 400W per channel into 4ohms. It uses Class D amplification and has both balanced and unbalanced inputs.

Both the novaPre and Peachtree220 are available now from the Peachtree Audio website.

The novaPre comes in gloss black (£799) or rosewood and cherry finishes (£849). The Peachtree220 is also available in gloss black (£1100) or rosewood and cherry finishes (£1150).

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by Max Langridge

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