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The CS-N765 is the successor to Onkyo's Award-winning CR-N755 network CD receiver, and comes with a host of “significant upgrades”, including high-res audio support and a new headphone amp.

The CR-N765 CD receiver forms the heart of the system and features a high-grade, DSD-supporting Verita DAC. Onkyo claims this allows gapless playback of 24-bit/192kHz and 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz DSD files streamed over a network.

The new Class A/B headphone amplifier uses trickle-down technology from Onkyo's high-end Reference hi-fi components, which Onkyo claims helps to remove noise from the signal for improved audio.

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Besides networked audio the CR-N765 can accept audio from a variety of sources - you can play music from an iDevice using Onkyo's compatible USB port. The port also supports high-resolution PCM and DSD files from a USB flash drive.

In addition there's a front-loading CD player and FM/AM radio tuner, while an optional UBT-1 Bluetooth USB adaptor will allow for wireless aptX Bluetooth streaming. 


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It will be available in black or silver from the end of May. The CS-N765 system costs £450 and comes with a pair of Onkyo's D-055 bookshelf speakers in tow, while the CR-N765 receiver is available on its own for £350.

Onkyo's news comes hot on the heels of Denon announcing the D-M40, the successor to another Award-winning system.

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No DAB? Not interested!

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DAB? Just stream from a radio

DAB? Just stream from a radio app.

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onkyo cr-n765

Looking forward to your review. Been interested in this for a while.

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Onkyo vs Denon

Hello, I'm torn between Onkyo CR-N765 and Denon RCD-M40; I'm not interested in the features of music streaming, network ecc. Which device would you recommend?

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Onkyo vs Denon

Well the Denon has just won our system Product of the Year, so we'd heartily recommend that!


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Why is the CR-N765 not reviewed yet?

Anyway, I just ordered one. Looking forward to it Smile