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The D-M40 follows on from the award-winning D-M39 and features an improved CD receiver, upgraded speakers and additional connections.

The D-M40 is made up of two parts: the RCD-M40 CD receiver and the SC-M40 speakers. The whole system follows a similar design formula to its predecessor - and many award-winning Denon micro systems before it - but benefits from improved connectivity and performance upgrades to the main components.

There are two digital optical inputs, compared to just one on the D-M39, allowing you to connect to a variety of sources such as a TV or set-top boxes.

The USB port on the RCD-M40 is still capable of playing MP3 and WMA files, and music from iDevices, but has now been upgraded to support FLAC, WAV and AAC file types too. Denon says the system “seriously upgrades” the sound quality of music from iDevices when played via USB.

The headphone output also receives an improved headphone amplifier with dedicated gain control.

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To maximise sound quality, Denon has once again used an “uncomplicated” circuit design, with short signal paths to minimise interference. A “Triple Noise Reduction Design” has also been implemented to help get the best possible sound from the system.

The CD unit also features a speaker optimiser, which Denon says is best used with the SC-M40 speakers. The speakers themselves feature 12cm woofers and 2.5cm soft dome tweeters, which have also received various tweaks as part of what Denon calls 'European Sound Tuning'. 

The RCD-M40 CD receiver will be available in black or silver, while the SC-M40 speakers will come in black or cherry wood finishes. Select countries, including the UK, will get a model with a FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner. 

The Denon D-M40 will be available from June for £349. 

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utomo's picture

Standardize the price.  In

Standardize the price.  In some country the product is too expensive.  Example Indonesia 

Bartdude's picture

D-M40 micro hi-fi system

It appears they have ditched the DAB tuner,not a good move as most would use this unit for background music rather than as their main system.

Andy Clough's picture

DAB tuner

Not so Bartdude. A DAB/FM tuner is included.

Bartdude's picture

DAB tuner

My apologies Andy,it pays to read the complete text with reference to the UK model as I made my comment based on the unit's rear view pic which shows a model with no DAB antenna input.

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hello, my micro hi fi kenwood k-731 is dead.
i'm waiting for this new M40 to replace it, i know it's an old fashoned kind of stereo but i like still to hear my cd collection, tuner and to use it connected with pc and tv, i have no other needings like wifi etc so i think if the quality is confirmed it will be great.
i'm wondering if improvings from m39 to m40 worth enough to justify price difference compared to former m39, because now i can find it at less than 300 euros with it's own speakers. M40 will come at 430-450 euros.

so... PLEASE REVIEW IT AS SOON AS IT IS POSSIBLE!!!! Biggrin and add a comparision with onkyo new 765!! Biggrin

Andy Clough's picture

Denon D-M40

We've spoken to Denon and hope to have the D-M40 in for review in the next month or two.

Semyon's picture

Please compare this device

Please compare this device with Denon N9/N4 (In terms of sound quality with varying acoustic systems). I wonder how much advantage in high-resolution audio (192 kHz/24 bit) support in N9/N4. It seems that the amplifiers in M40 and N9 roughly the same.

Thanks in advance

Dario Sorriso's picture

i think i'm going to  buy

i think i'm going to  buy dm40 + q acousitc 3010, around 520€
dm39 + q acoustic 2010i could come around 450 € so i think it worths to make a step in new versions

Dario Sorriso's picture

hello! i've read your test

hello! i've read your test and i'm happy to know that the new one is better than the older. i've also read you suggest there's no enanchement in performance skipping to q acoustic 3010 speakers. i'd like to know if there's no difference between two options, or with it's own speakers it sounds even better than 3010.
just to know if i must come back and buy it's own!

Andy Clough's picture

Denon D-M40 review

In our view the difference between the Q Acoustic 3010 speakers and Denon's own was marginal, and certainly didn't justify the extra expense of the 3010s.

Dario Sorriso's picture

OK thanks! I was afraid of

OK thanks! I was afraid of wasting money... to get a worst sound!
Regisss's picture

Bluetooth receiver

Which bluetooth receiver you recommend to add to this Denon dm40 micro system?

Have you tried to add Dali Zensor 1 or 3 speakers?

Regisss's picture

Burning in

Could you please tell how many hours would be burning in period for receiver and original speakers? Is it noticeable improvement in sound after burning in period?