NuForce adds super-slim integrated stereo amp to its Reference line

New from NuForce is the IA-18, a compact 135W per channel integrated amplifier standing just 2cm tall.

Selling for £2899 in the UK or €3499 in the rest of Europe, the IA-18 draws on the design of the company's P-20 flagship preamplifier, and has five line inputs, each of which has its own volume adjustment for precise level matching between sources.

The volume adjustment is via a thin-film switched-resistor ladder network, meaning that only a single resistor is ever in the signal path at any volume setting: 99 increments, each of 0.5dB, are available.

A pair of V3 power amplifier modules are used, offering 135W into 8ohms, 235W into 4ohms and 335W into 2ohms, and the amp is said to have a frequency response of 20Hz-50kHz.

The Cross Matrix Array capacitor module between pre and power sections is said to deliver clean DC to enable the power amps to 'drive loudspeakers with absolute authority, harmonic integrity, and a level of detail that, taken together, reveal a recording’s innermost aspects.'

NuForce adds that 'The listener will be especially impressed by the IA-18’s crystalline, fatigue-free, holographic soundstage.'

The amp, which measures just 17cm wide, 16cm deep and 2cm tall, is housed in a black or silver sand-blasted anodised case, and comes complete with a matching remote control.

It's available now via UK, Germany and Benelux distributor Robytone.

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