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Now we've seen it all - pimped Norwegian B&Ws!

So you've spent a bit over ten large on a pair of B&W's N801D speakers - yes, the ones with the diamond tweeters, writes Andrew Everard. And you live in Norway, where the summer evenings are very long and the beers expensive. So what else do you do but pimp your speakers?

This picture arrived in the email box this morning from reader Lars in Norway, who writes:

'I read your magazine a lot and like it:)

I have been saved from sound hell and love my hifi system!!!

I live in Norway and have pimped my B&W801Diamond... They do not sound worse with the flames on the side;)'

To be honest, not terribly sure who's madder - Lars for doing the thing, or me for bringing it to your attention. But I'm sure there's some shuddering going on down in Worthing...