Nintendo denies sending developers a toolkit for a 4K Switch

Nintendo denies sending developers a toolkit for a 4K Switch
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Nintendo has denied a report saying it sent developers a toolkit to create games for a version of its Switch console that supports 4K graphics. The Bloomberg report claims the gaming giant had kitted out 11 developers with the tools to develop 4K games by the time it had announced its recent OLED model the of Switch.

The developers included both large publishers and small studios. They reportedly included Zynga, makers of Farmville and Words With Friends.

"This report is not true," the official Nintendo account tweeted. It repeated its claims from July that it has no plans for any new Switch consoles beyond the OLED model, which will launch a week tomorrow.

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Bloomberg previously reported that the OLED Switch would support 4K graphics when connected to a TV. According to the news outlet, Nintendo struggled to get certain components and so dropped the 4K capability.

The OLED Switch has a much better screen than its predecessor, with its OLED panel delivering true black levels and greater contrast. At 7 inches, it's also nearly a whole inch bigger than the standard Switch's 6.2-inch LCD.

Will its 1080p HD picture when outputted to a TV look tame compared to the 4K from the Xbox Series X and PS5? And will Nintendo gamers care? We'll find out a week tomorrow.


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