NEWS: Take the weight off your ears with new 8g headphones

The headphone market may be rather crowded but your lugs will be less so if you opt for these new q-Jays, which claim to be the world's smallest earphones to include separate tweeter and woofer drivers.

The diminutive dual-driver design from Jays measures a mere 19.3 x 7.5 x 7.3 mm and weighs an astonishing 8g.

As well as a tweeter and woofer in each ear, the q-Jays offer an AirBooster bass-boost function and a choice of five sizes of silicon sleeve - so you can find the most comfortable (and noise-isolating) fit.

Available in black and white (unlike the new iPods - what's going to happen to all those white accessories??), the q-Jays cost a less-than-lightweight £129 - but then you do get a leather carry case....

Full tech-specs and stockist details available on the Jays website.

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