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NEWS: Russ Andrews ships £399 SP-1 standmount speakers

Russ Andrews has just started shipping its new SP-1 loudspeakers, first seen at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show in February.

Based around the Focal Chorus 705V, the SP-1 is an extensive reworking of the original design. The cabinet, crossover and internal wiring have all been given the "Russ Andrews treatment", including a complete rewire with Kimber Kable's 4PR cable, the use of high-quality KimberKap capacitors and internal damping modifications.

The result, according to Russ Andrews, is a speaker with an improved sensitivity of 95dB/w/m (making them easier to drive with modestly powered amplifiers), and a more detailed, dynamic and natural sound.

The SP-1s retain the existing Focal drive units: a Polyglass impregnated paper mid-bass unit for dynamic, fast and tight bass, and an aluminium/magnesium inverted-dome TNV tweeter. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms and power handling 100w.

The SP-1s are available direct from Russ Andrews Accessories in black or Amati wood finishes, and cost £399 a pair.

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