NEWS: Retailers slash prices of HD DVD players - discs could follow

Following Toshiba's confirmation of the demise of HD DVD, retailers have begun to slash the cost of their remaining players, with pricing battles already breaking out online. fired the first shot - reducing the price of the entry-level Toshiba HD-EP30 (originally £299; more recently £120) to £79.99. Amazon has since followed by offering the player for £77.99. It's also selling the HD-EP35 (originally £350) for £149.99.

A spokesman for Amazon said the retailer will continue to stock both HD DVD players and discs as long as they're available.

"We'll continue to offer the best selection we can," he said. "There are a lot of HD DVD players out there, so we'll stock the discs to the best of our abilities".

He added that further price cuts - to players and discs - were possible.