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NEWS: Record your vinyl directly to an iPod or iTunes with the Ion LP Dock

Got a big vinyl collection, and want a simply way to transfer it to your iPod? Ion Audio's USB turntable has a built-in iPod dock for quick and easy transfer of your vinyl to iTunes.

The £130 Ion LP Dock enables users to record directly on to a fifth-generation iPod Video or Classic, or second and third generation iPods, without the need for a computer – and at speeds of 33 and 1/3 or 45 rpm.

Owners of earlier iPod models can transfer their record collection via the included software at 78 rpm.

If you don't own an iPod, the included EZ Vinyl Converter software allows you to transfer your records to your PC's digital music library, and Gracenote Music ID technology recognises your records and automatically pulls in the track, album and artist information.

You can also edit your tracks and remove excessive noise from recordings using the Audacity software supplied.

A line-level output allows the LP Dock to be connected to any home hi-fi system.

We had hoped to bring you a First Test of the LP Dock, but unfortunately the review sample we received didn't work. We've requested a replacement.

The Ion LP Dock is available from Maplin Electronics and

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