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NEWS: Pure upgrades its original sub-£100 DAB radio

Anyone up for a game of 'spot the difference'? This is the new Pure Digital Evoke-1S, the latest version of the model that first broke the £100 price barrier for portable DAB radios. It builds on the success of the Evoke-1XT, which has become the world's best-selling digital radio, and has a range of new features.

The Evoke-1S can be powered by the company's optional ChargePAK battery pack, giving up to 24 hours of portable listening away from mains sockets, and textSCAN and Intellitext have been added, allowing the scrolling text to be paused, or even stored for reading later.

There's a new Organic LED display for easier reading, complete with a light sensor to adjust its brightness to suit ambient conditions, 30 presets able to store both DAB and FM stations in a combined list (yes, the new model has FM reception with RDS, too), and an auxiliary input for a portable player.

The new model will be available in September, still at a penny under £100.