NEWS: NAD launches modular receiver range

NAD has announced three new multichannel receivers and a preamp/tuner/processor, promoting a "music-first" modular approach that priortises performance and ease of use over feature-packed specifications.

Instead of supporting new high-definition formats - such as Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD - as standard, the new designs (with the exception of the no-frills T765) have a modular design that'll allow these and other formats and technical upgrades to be made as and when "they become fully useful".

“NAD has never been afraid to skip the heavily hyped, ‘me-too’ features and concentrate on functions and technologies that really make the difference in sound and in picture,” explains NAD Director of Product Development Greg Stidsen.

“So these new models are classic NAD. Instead of incorporating brochure-friendly video processing, or succumbing to the lure of the wattage wars, we’ve focused on meaningful goals: real-world sonics and power; pristine, non-degraded video, and genuinely ergonomic design and forward-thinking features like our uniquely, proprietarily enhanced Audyssey™ set-up and room-correction automation,” he adds.

Here's the full tech-specs and pricing on the new range:

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