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NEWS: M&K professional speaker systems now available for the home

Miller & Kreisel is making its M series 5.1 speaker systems, originally developed for the professional market, available for home use.

The range includes a choice of two LCR (left, centre, right) speakers, two active subwoofers and a dedicated surround speaker.

All M series speakers use 2.5cm silk-dome, Ferro fluid cooled neodymium tweeters and M&K's phase focused crossovers.

The surround speakers are a patented tripolar design said to provide a far more enveloping surround soundstage than speakers with conventional dispersion patterns.

To add extra bass, M&K offers two active subwoofers, with either 20cm or 30cm drivers.

Complete M series 5.1 systems are available in a black or satin white finish with piano gloss subwoofers from £1495-1750. They're distributed in the UK by Gecko (0845 262 2882).

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