NEWS: Martin Logan's anniversary speakers

Martin Logan is describing the CLX, which it launched at the Munich High End Show, as 'the world's finest full-range electrostatic line source loudspeaker'.

It says of the new model that 'In addition to total dedication for unmatched performance, environmentally conscious considerations influenced the design and engineering of the CLX, including the use of rapidly renewable or highly recyclable structural materials like EcoSound.

'With an eye toward energy conservation, the CLX incorporates an advanced energy management design in its electrical circuitry.'

This year marks the Kansas company's 25th anniversary, and the first version to be launched will be the CLX 25th Anniversary Edition, which will be available in limited numbers.

The company also showed its smaller Spire loudspeaker at the show. This one is a hybrid electrostatic design, combining a Curvilinear Line Source XStat panel housed in a extruded aluminium and composite Airframe with a 25cm aluminium cone woofer driven by a 200W amplifier.

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