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NEWS: Marantz launches £270 stereo amplifier

This is the new Marantz PM6002, a £270 remote-controlled 60W per channel amp designed as the perfect partner for the CD6002 CD player, the winner of a group test in the October issue of WHFSV. On sale this month, the amp comes in black or silver, and is solidly built with a thick aluminium front panel.

The amp is built around a high-capacity, low-impedance power supply, using a toroidal transformer, and custom-built capacitors, allowing massive reserves of energy for dynamic music. The amp also uses the company's Linear Drive Power Supply for the same reasons.

A large aluminium heatsink is fitted internally to boost efficiency and shield sensitive components, and the amp uses fully symmetrical circuit layout for optimal stereo imaging.

The PM6002 has six inputs including a moving magnet phono stage, separate record and listen selectors, bypassable tone controls and Marantz D-Bus remote control connections. It goes on sale this month.