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NEWS: Kudos Cardea C30 high-end speakers now shipping to dealers

Kudos' new high-end loudspeaker, the £5250 Cardea C30, is now in full production and shipping to dealers.

Kudos, owned by speaker designer Derek Gilligan, worked with Seas of Norway to develop the drive units for the C30.

The 'Crescendo' tweeter has been engineered to be "remarkably detailed, dynamic and harmonically accurate", says Gilligan.

And the new Kudos mid/bass drive unit uses a tri-laminate cone of paper coated on the outer surface with stiff Nextel, and the inner surface with a special damping compound.

The speaker magnet is optimised for low distortion, with an extended pole piece and copper rings above and below the air gap to reduce voice coil inductance.

Audiophile components are used in the crossovers; the capacitors are made specially for Kudos by Clarity Caps, and the C30 is silver-wired with Chord Company cable.

The cabinets are constructed from high-grade 18mm MDF, measure 112 x 20 x 27 cm (hwd) and are available in fiver furniture-grade finishes: cherry, sycamore, walnut, rosenut and oak.

For further details call 0845 458 6698 or email

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