NEWS: Intempo launches DAB iPod dock

We've had portable digital radios with MP3 support, and iPod docks with FM and even Internet radio support, but Intempo's forthcoming RDI-03 may very well be the first integrated dock-with-DAB.

Less surprisingly, the £99 unit - set for shops from the end of October - comes in 2007's ubiquitous gloss black.

As well as a DAB tuner, the RDI-03 also offers FM radio, full alarm functionality and a remote control. It offers playback, synchronisation and charging for all iPod (with the exception of the iPod Shuffle, which it'll play and sync, but not charge).

"With DAB sales now in excess of five million and no wane in the iPod's popularity, we expect the RDI-03 to be a fantastic Christmas seller," said Bernadette Spofforth, managing director of Intempo.

So, is the RDI-03 the "marriage made in consumer-tech heaven" Intempo claims? We'll be testing it shortly and let you know....

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