NEWS: Epos gives its entire M speaker range a subtle makeover

New from Epos is the Mi (i for 'improved') speaker series, the replacement for the M range.

The company says the new models have been a year in development, although the changes may be hard to spot at first glance.

Gone are the metal grilles, to be replaced with a softer, more stylish silk cloth. The Mi tweeter dome has been changed from gold to silver, and the plastic faceplate has been replaced with machined aluminium which acts as a heatsink.

There's also been a switch from a neodymium magnet to ferrite with a reversing magnet. Its greater mass is said to absorb higher temperatures, leading to improved performance.

The terminal panel has been changed to a solid 3mm aluminium plate with touch-proofed binding posts, and the crossovers are now mounted towards the bottom of the cabinets. Minor improvements have also been made to the internal wiring.

As for the cabinets, the dimensions of the M5i, M8i and M16i remain the same, but the M12i and M22i are 1.5cm narrower.

Also, the plinth for the M22i and M16i is now an integral part of the cabinet, and the M8i cabinet is rounded on the bottom and flat on the top.

The entire range is available in Cherry, Red Cherry and Black Oak finishes.

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Andy Clough

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