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NEWS: Denon's DJ controller will be ready to go for a spin in March

Here's a sneak preview of Denon's forthcoming DN-HS5500 DJ scratch turntable, digital media player and controller, due out in March.

It combines a direct-drive scratching platter with modular hard drives and numerous interfaces and effects. Users can control music from all types of digital files, be they on hard drive, iPod or USB stick.

According to Denon, the DN-HS5500 is more than just a player. It's also designed to work with and control a variety of popular DJ programs that support the USB MIDI in/out interface.

What's more, it has its own soundcard built in and uses high-quality Burr Brown 24-bit DACs for improved sound quality. There are five standard DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects, and three platter effects: brake, dump and reverse.

UK pricing has still to be confirmed. If you'd like to find out more, check out Denon's own DJ website.

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