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NEWS: Cambridge Audio TT50 turntable available now for £350

We first revealed details of Cambridge Audio's new TT50 turntable back in June, but now it's just gone on sale (for £350) we can tell you more - and show you the first 'official' picture.

The TT50 was designed in conjunction with turntable specialist Pro-ject, but Cambridge Audio claims it's more than a re-badging exercise, having developed some key components itself.

The elastomer-coated acrylic platter was developed at CA's research and development HQ, with the aim of controlling resonance to ensure maximum detail retrieval from the record.

The elastomer paint also allows the platter to 'grip' the weighted sub-platter, which provides the inertia to ensure rock-solid timing and deep bass, says CA.

The proprietary arm and head shell are cast as one piece of aluminium, and it's fitted with an Audio Technica AT95E moving-magnet cartridge. Speed change between 33 and 45rpm is made manually by moving the drive belt between two pulleys.

Other technical highlights include:

  • High-quality, gold-plated phono/RCA connections
  • Isolation feet to reduce vibration
  • An isolated, free-floating motor
  • Ground wire and power supply provided
  • Proprietary arm with non-contact magnetic anti-skate
  • Perspex lid supplied as standard