NEWS: Cambridge Audio adds iPod connectivity to Azur 340A amplifier

Cambridge Audio has added iPod connectivity and a slight power boost to a new, special edition version of its entry-level 340A stereo amplifier.

The new Azur 340A SE features a front mounted line-in socket, plus its remote handset can control iPods attached to the amp via any dock that uses Apple commands (including Apple's dock and the forthcoming new Cambridge Audio options ).

The £200 SE also offers an extra 5W-per-channel than the original, £150 340A, taking it to 45W per channel.

Otherwise the spec stays the same, with features including two sets of speaker outputs (enabling biwiring), and a black or silver metal finish.

The Azur 340A SE is available imminently, and will be tested in the November issue of What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision - alongside its 340C CD player sibling.

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