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NEWS: B&W kits out luxury Jaguar

Bowers & Wilkins has joined forces with Jaguar to give the new XF an in-car sound system it hopes will provide "the best ever audio experience in a car".

Having worked on the car's sound system from the early concept stage, B&W hopes to have created an in-car system that's 'designed in' rather than tacked on as an afterthought.

Testing over a period of three years claims to have found the ideal locations for the 14 specially-designed speakers.

The system itself uses Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 to deliver the full surround sound experience with all your tunes.

With four metal dome tweeters, a rear-mounted subwoofer and nine of B&W's trademark Kevlar speakers throughout the Jaguar XF, it certainly sounds thoroughly kitted-out.

The Jaguar XF will be available for delivery through all UK dealers from March 2008, with the Premium Sound System as an optional extra.

The two companies also worked together on the sound system for the C-XF concept car and the XKR.