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NEWS: to offer DRM-free MP3 downloads from Warner Music

Looking for an alternative to iTunes? Want to download music tracks that will play on any MP3 player? Then consider this. From today, will distribute the Warner Music catalogue online in unencrypted MP3 format.

As part of its launch promotion, will offer certain Warner albums at a special price of £5. Whether you're into The Smiths, REM or ZZ Top, there's a decent selection of albums to choose from.

Individual tracks cost 79p (the same as iTunes), and most are available at a bit-rate of 256kbps.

John Reid, president of Warner Music Europe, says: "This deal will offer music fans a new level of flexibility in their use of tracks from our world-renowned artists. We believe that providing consumers with this assurance of interoperability will encourage sales of music downloads and help the development of new music experiences." claims to have 1.2 million registered customers. With the addition of Warner's MP3 catalogue, the company says that more than 80 per cent of its 3.5 million track catalogue is free of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

The Warner catalogue will be available to customers in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany.

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