New PS5 firmware update makes some games run slightly faster

Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Future)

Sony's latest PS5 firmware update has been show to make some games run slightly faster, according to Digital Foundry's findings.

The increase in performance is seen across both the launch 1000 series model, as well as the revised 1100 series model (the latter of which has been shown to offer no cooling downsides following an initial scare).

Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter compared performance tests in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition and Control Ultimate against the older PS5 firmware to compare it to the latest September software update, with an extra one to two frames per second increase visible on PS5 consoles running on the newer firmware.

In the real world this has been translated to each game running one to three per cent faster (with a one per cent margin of error to boot). It's not a gargantuan performance increase by any leap of the imagination, then, but gamers will happily take whatever improvements they can get. 

You can view the full breakdown in the video below, and take the new firmware for a spin yourself to see if you notice a difference.


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Esat Dedezade
Freelance contributor