New in-ear and on-ear headphones introduced by Beyerdynamic

Now available to order from the German firm's website for €99 and €119 (£79 and £95) respectively, both the iDX 120 iE (above) and iDX 160 iE buds, it's claimed, offer the same sound quality as existing iDX models.

The iDX 160 iEs stand apart from the iDX 120 iE in terms of enhanced frequency response, although both come with a remote control integrated into the cable for playback from mobile devices.

Both models are supplied with silicone ear tips that come in five different sizes, while the iDX 160 iEs come with a pair of memory-foam ear tips from Comply that adapt to the shape of your ear canal.

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Meanwhile, the DTX 350 p cans are due to hit the shelves from mid-August for €49 (£39) and will weigh a mere 131 grams. The headphones are billed as the "ideal companion for all mobile end devices".

The ear cushions on the entry-level headphones have been supplied by Heilbronn, while the connecting cable is designed not to tangle and to transfer minimal handling noise to the ear.

A spokesperson said: "What truly sets these headphones apart is the discrete folding mechanism in the headband. It allows you to fold the DTX 350 p, so that it fits easily in the included soft case."

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