New Bose headphones clip onto your ear to keep you aware of your surroundings

A model wears the rumoured Bose Open Ear TWS headphones
(Image credit: MySmartPrice)

If in-ear headphones leave you too shut-out from the outside world, new leaks suggest Bose is readying a new pair with an open-ear design for a CES 2024 launch.

We’ve started to see more manufacturers experimenting with these open-ear designs, which, instead of sitting inside the ear canal, fire sound into your ear from the outside.

It not only helps from a comfort perspective, but also allows wearers to stay more aware of their environment, offering a viable alternative to bone conduction headphones.

Bose is actually no stranger to the idea. It released its Sports Open Earbuds back in January 2021, but after going back to the drawing board – particularly on the design – it now seems to be readying their spiritual successor.

A model wears the rumoured Bose Open Ear TWS headphones

(Image credit: MySmartPrice)

Leaked marketing information uncovered by MySmartPrice shows that the all-new true wireless Open Ear Clips (official name is still TBC) feature a G-shaped design, which will hook over the antitragus part of the ear and wrap around underneath the ear, securing behind the earlobe. It’s a similar idea to Huawei’s FreeClip earbuds, but a little chunkier and uniform in its design. 

The part that hooks into the ear will hold the drivers, while the part that hooks under the ear looks to be topped with a metal or chrome cap to sit comfortably against the skin.

A render of the rumoured new Bose Open Ear earbuds

(Image credit: MySmartPrice)

Images only show a white and silver colour palette, so it remains to be seen whether they will also be available in the black colour option we are used to seeing with other Bose buds.

Further details on Bose's new headphones are currently thin on the ground, but hopefully we’ll have more solid details once these break cover at the show. We’ll bring you more as soon as they do.


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