Apple TV
Apple is rumoured to be planning a subscription video-on-demand service for Apple TV, and may also add a digital tuner and PVR

The rumours are coming thick and fast this afternoon, first on the new Sony PS3 Slim, and now there are mutterings about new Apple TV services and hardware.

According to our esteemed colleagues on, a certain Gene Muster, an analyst at investment bank Piper Jaffray, says Apple is set to introduce a subscription service for Apple TV.

Munster predicts that Apple TV's subscription service will cost between £18 and £25 for unlimited monthly access to Apple's library of TV shows.

Even more intriguingly, Munster also says the next generation of Apple TV will include a digital TV tuner and PVR (personal video recorder).

What's more, he believes Apple may even start selling flatscreen TVs running a variant of its OS X operating system. Sound mad? Well, if it comes true, you read it here first.

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