New £1000 stereo model delivers 2x150W, draws on the design of the upmarket M3, and can be upgraded

New from NAD is the powerhouse C375BEE – a £1000 stereo integrated amplifier delivering 150W per channel. The new amp draws on the design of the company's M3, part of the high-end Masters Series, and also has a 'building block' layout, enabling a phono stage and other upgrades to be added as required.

In fact, NAD says that the new amp is nearer in design to the M3 than it is to the less expensive C355BEE, using designer Bjorn Erik Edvardsen's Distortion Cancelling Circuit in the output stage, and BEE Clamp in the power supply.

There's also an improved tone control circuit and a revised PCB layout, all in the name of less distortion, and the amp uses copper bussbars to deliver maximum current to the speaker outputs.

The C375BEE delivers is 150W output into 8ohms, but can reach dynamic outputs of up to 500W into a 2ohm load. It can also be used with the matching C275BEE stereo power amp, using the preouts provided, either for biamping or, with both amps in bridged mode, to deliiver 2x400W.

The amp has seven line inputs, including two tape loops, and can be fitted with an optional PP375 phono module, which offers moving magnet and moving coil inputs.

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The C375BEE is available now.