C355BEE up £100 to £500, C315BEE rises to £230, C515BEE player up £35 to £200

NAD is the latest company to announce price increases, its new list of recommended retail prices showing increases ranging from £35 on the C515BEE CD player to a £100 rise for the C355BEE amplifier (pictured), which will now be £500.

But there's some repositioning - for which read price cuts - on the company's home cinema equipment.

The C315BEE amplifier, which was £180, is going up to £230, the C325BEE increases by £25 to £275, and the C515BEE CD player will now be £200.

The Viso Two stereo home cinema all-in-one system is up £100, to £800, and the Viso 5 up £95 to £995.

But other AV components have come down in price: the T585 universal DVD/DVD-A/SACD player is cut by £150 to £650, and the T754 receiver, which was £650, is now £500.

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The company's T587 Blu-ray Disc player will sell for £850.

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