Musical Fidelity's 1kW limited-edition Titan amplifier

MF Titan

Two years in development, the fully-balanced Titan is capable of delivering that 1kW per channel output into 8ohms, 2kWpc into 4ohms and just under 4kWpc into 2ohms - provided your mains supply is up to the job, that is!

The company claims extremely low distortion and noise for the amplifier - less than 0.01% distortion from 10Hz to 50kHz, and less than 1% distortion all the way up to 100Hz.

The signal to noise ratio is said to be 126dBA, giving the amp a huge dynamic range and a sound claimed to be rather like a hugely powerful Class A valve amp.

The casework uses a front panel machined from a solid billet of aluminium, and custom extrusions for the heatsinks and even the top panel, with no exposed screws visible.

The Titan will soon be joined by the Primo pure Class A preamp.