Monolith home cinema speakers hope to have that Vibe

Vibe Monolith

However, if you're inside the car, Vibe's in-car audio tends to be rather good, so we have high hopes for the company's first foray in to the world of home cinema.

The Monolith range is the company's debut range of cinema speakers, with book shelf, centre channel, subwoofer and floor standing speakers released.

The speaker cabinets are formed from cast resin, complete with a full range 4in driver made from Kevlar cones and a Silk tweeter.The tweeter has a silk diaphragm with a central aluminium phase plug.

Finished in high gloss piano black paint these items will become the focal point of any room.

The Omicron subwoofer is again created from cast resin and features an 8in driver and an 80 watt RMS amplifier.

Available from May 1st the Monolith range starts at £339.99 for a pair of Monolith 1 book shelf speakers, while cinema speaker packages can be built from any of the Monolith 1, Monolith 2 and Monolith 3 speakers.