Mixxtape Kickstarter reminds us people still inexplicably want cassettes

How much do you want a modern cassette player? Those ardent supporters of the vinyl revival might decry it, but a new Kickstarer from the company Mixxim for "Mixxtape" has raised its targeted $10,000. In 24 hours.

So what do you need to bring the tape back in 2017? An LCD display, touch controls, Bluetooth and USB connections, it seems. Also a 3.5mm headphone jack for playing on the move and, of course, the ability to fit into your old player.

Mixxtape also packs in a 64GB memory card slot and a 330mAh battery - that might not sound like a lot, but Mixxim says it will provide 12 hours of playback.

But why tapes? We've seen a surge of support for the Elbow portable tape player, and cassette sales have jumped a little in the past two years. But the contention that both vinyl and digital files enjoy better sound quality is a common one.

That's not what it's about to Mixxim though. On the company's Kickstarter page it says "there seems to be a yearning for music that offers a much fuller and more tactile experience, something that goes beyond the digital bits that feed nonstop streams".

It goes on to say the Mixxtape "goes well beyond romantics and hipsters", claiming it's also ideal for Valentine's Day, your boss, teacher, co-worker or the in-laws.

If you are planning on giving mixtapes to your boss or in-laws, do send us a message on Twitter or Facebook and let us know how it goes.

If you're determined to get your hands on one, $35 (approx. £27) will see one shipped to you by November.

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