Xbox Series X 1TB expandable storage pricing revealed

Xbox Series X 1TB expandable storage pricing revealed
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Retailers (Best Buy in the US, Smyths in the UK, and JB Hi-FI in Australia) have revealed how much Seagate 1TB Game Drive for the next-gen Xbox consoles will cost. And it's half the price of an Xbox Series S. 

The Xbox Series X and S are both slightly more affordable than many gamers expected, although managing to pre-order one in the past two days has been a struggle. 

But there is an added, necessary expense that fans have been concerned about, and that's the expandable Solid State Drive (SSD) – especially since the Xbox Series X ships with a relatively meagre 1TB of SSD storage (and the Xbox Series S comes with just 512GB of onboard space). It's an accessory that Microsoft has remained somewhat tight-lipped about. 

Now, we have pricing. It’s a propriety device, which means we shouldn't expect any third party alternatives, and it is being produced solely by American data storage firm Seagate. 

As noted by Metro, UK store Smyths had the 1TB Xbox Series X and S SSD storage card listed for £159, before quickly removing it. The listing was noticed by fans on forum ResetEra before it vanished, although Smyths’ website had been down for much of the day due to excessive Xbox-related traffic.

More concrete proof of the pricing comes from US retail giant Best Buy, which is taking preorders of the card, priced at $220. In Australia, it'll cost a whopping AU$359, according to both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi retailers.

The card simply slots into the back of the consoles and will likely become part of Xbox hardware bundles once the initial rush of pre-orders subsides.

Microsoft has reportedly told The Verge that more suppliers and additional sizes will be available in the future, too. 

To drill down into your potential Xbox Series X vs S outlay then, this pricing means the £250/$299/AU$499 Xbox Series S jumps to £409 (if the Smyths listing is to be believed) to add the additional storage and bring it up to 1.5TB overall, a confirmed $520 if you're in the States, or an insane AU$858 in Australia. 

This may make the larger Series X more appealing if you think you'll need the storage, particularly since games enhanced for the Xbox Series X and S will start to eat up space. That said, games for the Xbox Series S can be 30 per cent smaller than the Series X which will doubtless help with storage.

Confused over which console to plump for? You'll get all the information you need of you head over to our Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S page.


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