Meze's next-gen planar magnetic headphones are luxury-clad over-ears

Meze Audio Liric 2nd Generation lifestyle shot on an open book
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Romanian brand Meze Audio – the company behind such stylish headphones as the 99 Classics and the luxurious Empyrean II – has introduced its second-generation iteration of the Liric headphones. A sequel to the original Liric over-ears, the 2nd Generation iteration is a closed-back construction that has been "painstakingly conceived to provide true music enthusiasts with a balanced, warm and accurate sound". 

The Liric 2nd Generation (let's call them the Liric 2 for ease) headphones feature planar magnetic technology, with an isodynamic hybrid array that, combined with the headphones' closed-back construction, "helps preserve the original clarity and emotion of your music through enhanced sound and minimised external noise". 

The Liric 2 also add in a new "Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask", which is essentially a crafted metal plate that covers select openings in the driver frame in pursuit of a smoother, more involved listening experience.

Made partly in response to customer feedback regarding the original Liric model, the new over-ears have discarded the first-gen cans' leather-clad earcup design in favour of ones dressed in striped ebony. These new earcups combine a wood grain finish and a luxurious feel for greater durability and a more luxurious aesthetic. 

Meze Audio Liric 2nd Generation lifestyle shot on an open book

(Image credit: Meze)

It's often a bugbear for headphones users – especially those who own more respectably premium pairs – whenever the supplied earpads wear out and/or can't be replaced. Thankfully, the Liric 2 provide detachable magnetic earpads that can be repaired or else swapped out entirely. Further, the new headphones come equipped with a choice of two hand-braided copper cables: a 4.4mm option for portable players and headphones amps alongside a 3m cable for "home listening".

Meze Audio's founder and leader design Antonion Meze says: "Developing great headphones means listening to a lot of music, but also listening to our community carefully...based on feedback from our customers, we’ve taken its capabilities to new heights with the new Liric 2nd Generation". 

The Meze Audio Liric 2nd Generation planar magnetic headphones are available now for £1850 / $2000 / €2000 – which is, happily, the exact same price as the original Liric.


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