Meridian M80
New M80 comes with i80 iPod dock and is available in three leather finishes

Meridian has replaced its F80 CD/DAB/FM system with this, the M80, selling for £1500.

The design is the same as the outgoing F80, but the new model comes with the i80 iPod dock and is finished in three hand-stitched leather finishes: Obsidian Black, Chestnut and Ivory.

It shares all the technical features of its predecessor, including CD, DVD and DAB/FM/AM radio sources, as well as a mix of digital and analogue inputs.

The i80 iPod dock included as standard with every M80 allows users to listen to and charge an iPod.

The special i80 link allows the choice of music from the iPod to be selected via the M80's front panel, or from across the room using the unit's remote control.

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Inside the M80's mineral-doped, composite body is a Meridian 2.1 DSP speaker system capable of "filling a large room with sound", says Meridian.

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