Meridian i80p
New £195 model brings high quality audio to any hi-fi or home cinema system

New from Meridian is a £195 universal iPod dock, the i80p. Unlike the company's previous i80, which was designed as an add-on for the company's all-in-one F80 system, the new model will work with any system having an analogue input.

The i80p has a pair of conventional phono outputs, and comes with its own power supply, enabling it to charge iPods as well as playing music from them.

Meridian says that "The i80p includes DC-coupled audiophile-grade circuitry to extract the very best performance from your iPod using the docking connector in the base.

"It also includes a USB B-type socket for connection to a computer or power supply (included) for synchronisation and charging respectively, and an mini-DIN RS232 socket for future expansion.

"The i80p features a heavy die-cast zinc alloy base and high precision moulded shell, and is finished in gloss black."

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Fully compatible with iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPhone 3G, the i80p will be in the shops soon.