The McIntosh MXA70 was unveiled at CES 2014 back in January and is now on sale in the UK. It delivers McIntosh sound quality in a compact, all-in-one system.

The MXA70 is hand-built in McIntosh's Binghamton factory in New York. It features an advanced 50-watt McIntosh amplifier along with in-house aluminium speakers and a dedicated headphone amplifier. A high-quality McIntosh DAC is also included and features four digital inputs.

The speakers are finished in high-gloss piano black and have been custom designed to complement the electronics. Carefully selected driver components are housed in custom-cast vibration-controlling aluminium cabinets, with 19mm titanium-dome tweeters and a 100mm treated-paper bass/midrange unit housed inside the speakers. A rear-ported design has been used to enhance the low frequencies and boasts an operating range of 60Hz-45kHz.

The same headphone amp found in the MHA100 can be found in the MXA70. It benefits from a new adaptation of McIntosh's proprietary autoformer technology. This offers three selectable headphone impedance ranges: 8-40; 40-150; and 150-600 ohms, enabling all headphone types to deliver optimal McIntosh quality.

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The MXA70 also features McIntosh's Digital Engine. This offers users four digital inputs: coaxial; optical; balanced digital AES/EBU and USB, all of which support encoding up to 32-bit/192kHz. Two analogue inputs, including balanced, are also onboard.

A Class A/B amplifier with complimentary-symmetry design has been used in the MXA70 and features ThermalTrakTM output transistors. These feature precise bias current control for ultra-low crossover distortion and cool operation.

Tone controls are provided for greater customisation across a range of source material and McIntosh's Power Guard technology is also included. This is a waveform-comparison circuit that continuously monitors input and output signal and dynamically adjusts them when necessary to avoid potentially damaging clipping.

The McIntosh MXA70 is available now sporting the classic McIntosh 1950s styling, including fibre-optic-illuminated glass front-panel, retro knobs and stainless steel chassis. It's on sale for £5995.

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Graham Luke's picture


Absolutely beautiful. I just need a wealthy old aunt to pop her clogs....

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A very beautiful object and sound must be sweet too! Now, from a sound quality standpoint, it has to compete with this at the same price point... a though opposition for anyone:



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Game, set, match!

Did you hear the Dev + Atohm combo, Bernard? Judging by how my little LS50s sing, it must be stunning! 

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I must be alone in not liking

I must be alone in not liking the look of any of their gear.

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No you're not!?!

I've heard McIntosh at work  and it sounds nothing short  of sensational but as far as the looks are concerned, they are as ugly as they come. It seems the design never merged out of the 60's. This is why cabinets are for. Hide the ugliness and let out the beauty.                               I'm personally more of a Krell person.